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Spilt Milk is a sister-owned bakery focused on crafting homemade pies & pastries baked with local & seasonal ingredients. We think everything tastes better when you bake it from scratch using fresh, delicious ingredients ... real butter and milk, top-quality flour and sugar, and fruits and veggies that are grown right around the block. We want you to bite into a juicy, flaky, sweet slice of apple pie, or a rich, buttery, chocolatey brownie and think it's the best darn pastry you've ever tasted!

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Local Ingredients

We take great pride in baking with ingredients grown, raised, or roasted right here in the Midwest. We are dedicated to these practices and are happy to share this with the Oak Park community! Some of our partners include Mick Klug Farm, Ellis Family FarmsNichols Farm & Orchard (fruits & veggies), Slagel Family Farms (poultry & meat), Kilgus Farmstead (dairy), Carnivore (sausages & speciality meats), Metric Coffee, & Spirit Tea


"A work of art."

-Phil Vettel describes our Heirloom Apple Pie in the Chicago Tribune


Our Menu

Our menu changes with the seasons, and with what's fresh and available to us locally. You'll always find an assortment of homemade pastries such as brown butter sugar cookies, Mexican chocolate chip cookies, rich chocolate brownies, homemade candies, buttermilk biscuits, cinnamon rolls, scones, & muffins.

Our pie menu rotates daily, and some of our favorite flavors include heirloom apple, salted maple custard, tart Michigan cherry, bourbon maple pecan, banana cream, key lime, and (our favorite) ... chocolate cream!

To view today's pie flavors, visit our Facebook page (scroll down to the "posts" section)

We also offer breakfast sandwiches made with Slagel bacon, farm fresh eggs, and sharp cheddar cheese, and a short lunch menu.

Call the shop or stop by to find out what we're cooking today!