Nila's Farm Goat Milk Soaps

Nila's Goat Farm is a small soap and lotion company in Colon, MI owned by retired husband-and-wife-team Nila and Jack Thompson. Nila and Jack started making these beautiful soaps and lotions to supplement their retirement income and cover medical bills. They never intended to be "Internet Famous", but became an overnight sensation on Instagram when folks all over the country learned about their story and the love for their amazing soaps caught on!

At 70 and 80 years old, Nila and Jack never imagined their little company would be come one that ships all over the country. Spilt Milk is proud to be the first shop in the Chicagoland area to carry their products.

Give them a try - we are sure you will love these gentle, delicious smelling soaps!

Also follow Nila and Jack on Instagram >> @nilasgoatfarm

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