Friday Night Dinner

Next dinner:  Friday, September 29th - Pickup Between 1pm-5pm 

Pre-order your Friday night dinner here! These take-and-heat, family-style meals are designed to help you "hit the easy button" on dinner at the end of a long week, and serve your family something wholesome & delicious 

Each meal generously serves 4 adults, and you can optionally add on a dessert and/or wine pairing to your meal. 

TO ORDER > You must add your dinner, drinks, and/or dessert to cart separately! Please double check your cart before checking out to ensure you have selected the correct items.

On the menu this week...

  • Grilled Slagel Farms Italian Sausage nestled atop creamed Michigan sweet corn, with fontina cheese & creme fraiche
  • Wheat Berry & Freekah Salad with kale, purple cauliflower, dried apricots, roasted carrots & honeynut squash, red onions, marcona almonds, & chevre (goat) cheese, and fresh herbs (mint, parsley, dill, basil, & chives)
  • Publican Sourdough Baguette with watercress compound butter

Optional add-ons to this week's menu (select from drop-down separately to add to your cart!):

    • Dessert: Concord Grape Dutch Custard - Fresh Michigan Concord Grapes in a creamy, Sour Cream Dutch Custard filling, topped with a crunchy Walnut Crumble. A delicious fall pie!
    • Wine Pairing*: Lectores Vini 2020 'Pomagrana' Conca de Barbera A fun & peppy trepat...very on-trend for 2023 wine enthusiasts! Best served slightly chilled, this delicious, light red wine will go with everything from grilled meats and veggies, to spicy entrees, to a spread of appetizer dips & cheeses. We thought this would be the perfect companion for this weeks veggie-heavy dinner. Enjoy!

    Pickup is on Friday, September 29th between 1pm-5pm. Warming & serving instructions will be included with your dinner. If you would like your order delivered, please check out here on the website and then email us to schedule & pay for delivery. Delivery is available within a 4-mile radius and starts at $7.

    *A note about how we are charging tax on wine for Friday Night Family Dinners: Due to a limitation in our ordering software, we need to set a manual price override to properly collect sales tax for alcohol on Friday Night Dinners. You will notice the base price on the wine here is different than elsewhere on the website, and this is due to this tax issue in the software. We are manually overriding the wine price here, in order to collect the correct amount of tax. Thank you for your understanding!

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