Gifts & Parties

All the supplies you need to celebrate!
  1. Brown Butter Nibs & Sea Salt 73% Dark Chocolate
  1. Cellar Door Tomato Jam with Red Pepper
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  1. Earth Pencil Terrarium, set of 5 pencils
  1. Metal Pencil Terrarium, set of 5 pencils
  1. Mauro Provisions: Barbeque Chip Dust
  1. Divina Dolmas
  1. Great Lakes Potato Chips
  1. Cooking for Jeffery
  1. Tea Pocket Retail 50 Pack
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  1. Passion Fruit Caramels
  1. Leaf Pile Towel
  1. Nature Mixing Spoon
  1. Pie Top Cutter
  1. Pie Crust Cutters
  1. Rolling Pin Bands
  1. Dukkah
  1. Aleppo Chile Flake
  1. Sumac
  1. Chermoula Moroccan Spread
  1. Aunt Sadie's Retro Thanksgiving Turkey Ceramic Candle
  1. Honey Bee Jam Spoon & Spreader Set
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  1. Cheers Wedding Celebration - Greeting Card
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  1. Christmas Cookie Cocktail Kit
  1. Harissa
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  1. Spilt Milk Tote Bag
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  1. Measuring Spoons
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  1. Butter Me Up Butter Dish
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  1. The Cookie Bible
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  1. Comfort Baking
  1. Palo Santo (Homebody Candle Co - Chicago, IL)
  1. Winter Cabin (Homebody Candle Co - Chicago, IL)
  1. Tasting India "Everything but the Chart Masala" Spice Blend
  1. Tasting India "Bombay Chili Crunch" Spice Blend
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  1. Tasting India Regional Spice Blend Sampler Gift Set
  1. XOXO Valentine's Day Tribute Candle (Homebody Candle Co - Chicago, IL)
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