Comfort Baking

Embrace the joy of baking—for yourself and others.

Baking has become more than a hobby or a means to a delicious end. Now more than ever, it has also become a source of solace, relief, and relaxation. Comfort Baking focuses on easy-to-follow recipes that make people feel good from the inside out. For anyone who is looking for a moment in the kitchen as a time to create, worship, relax, or prepare a recipe for a friend in need, this is your guidebook.

In addition to over 100 recipes that exude comfort from beginning to end, baker Stephanie Wise of Girl vs. Dough includes plenty of helpful tips along the way to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re preparing a quiche or whipping up a late-night batch of cookies, the recipes in this book are guaranteed to bring you and the people you share your creations with comfort.

Baked-from-scratch recipes include: peaches & cream streusel muffins, loz bagel breakfast casserole, strawberry-pretzel cheesecake bars, upside-down apricot cake, pretzel-crusted chocolate-peanut butter caramel tart, no-knead tomato focaccia, biscuit-topped chicken pot pie, and ultimate baked mac & cheese! Wow!

The book includes all-new, original recipes for every meal of the day, including quick breads, yeast breads, make-ahead meals, freezer-friendly dinners, my best desserts yet (!) and more. Like the blog, every single recipe includes tips and tricks for shortcuts, substitutions, make-ahead options, etc. The thread that carries throughout the book is “comfort baking”: that is to say, to bake something from scratch as a source of comfort, both in the act of baking and the enjoyment of the end result. It can extend beyond oneself as a form of hospitality, in plopping a plate of brownies on a friend’s doorstep or bringing a hearty meal to a neighbor in need. And it is for everyone, from the novice baker to the trained pastry chef.

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