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Update: March 1, 2023:

There has been a great deal of negative press recently ridiculing the use of carbon offset credits. We wanted to provide an update and some additional reading from Tradewater, who we partner with to purchase carbon offset credits at Spilt Milk.

This is a complex fight, and Spilt Milk is committed to doing our part both to reduce our environmental impact, as well as invest in programs that move the needle on climate change whenever we can. We might not be a huge corporation, but we are a small business and we believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and working on creative solutions to solving this complex problem.

We welcome feedback and ideas about this topic, and you're always welcome to email hello (at) spiltmilkpastry (dot) com to continue the discussion, or hit us up on social media!

"The¬†fight against climate change is an existential battle.¬†We need to do everything we can to prevent the release of greenhouse gases and pull carbon from the atmosphere. High-quality, high-impact carbon offset projects ‚Äď those with the highest degree of additionality, accuracy, and permanence, like Tradewater‚Äôs refrigerant projects ‚Äď are essential in this fight, and they must be encouraged and supported.


Unfortunately, this message is complicated. It does not lend itself to jokes or clickbait. It also requires people to think and learn. There are no shortcuts or simple rating tools that can explain the nuance of these projects and how they are used by corporations and individuals to lead the fight to save our planet. Indeed, if it were easy, we would not be in the mess we are in.

The good news? The thinking and learning required is worth it. We still have a chance to get ourselves out of this mess."

- Tradewater COO and Co-Founder Gabe Plotkin

Text of original blog post:

Spilt Milk is committed to doing our part to run our business in an environmentally responsible way. Some example of ways we have incorporated these initiatives include:
  • Cooking and baking with local ingredients sourced from small, independent farms
  • Expanding our recycling capacity - we have doubled our recycling capacity since 2019!
  • Researching & implementing compostable or biodegradable single-use products when we can, such as paper straws, sip lids, only¬†giving out silverware on request, etc.
  • Participating in local initiatives such as the Oak Park Single Use Bag Initiative¬†& Single Use Plastics Initiative
  • ...etc
We are always looking for ways to deepen our commitment to reducing our climate impact here at Spilt Milk.
With that in mind ... I am very excited to announce that as of this month, Spilt Milk is now a 100% Carbon Neutral Business! 
We are thrilled to share this news with you all - please read on for more information about what this means, why we're doing this now, and how YOU can get more involved with this initiative, if you'd like ...

Why make this commitment?
Spilt Milk believes that climate change is a significant, urgent problem ... and we want to make sure that we are doing our part to be responsible stewards of the planet. We also believe that addressing climate change will require everyone to find ways to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This requires our urgent attention if we are to mitigate catastrophic climate change.
What does it mean that we are now 100% Carbon Neutral? 
The emissions tied to any purchases made at Spilt Milk will have its carbon footprint offset through a new partnership with Tradewater. By joining other small businesses as part of this program, we can have an even greater impact!

What is a carbon footprint?
As companies and individuals, our daily actions and choices lead to the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The sum of these emissions is a carbon footprint. In order to be carbon neutral, a company or individual can buy offset credits to equal their carbon footprint.

What is a carbon offset credit?
A carbon offset credit is a certificate that confirms that greenhouse gases were either collected and destroyed, or sequestered from the atmosphere. Carbon offset credits are measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (tons of CO2e). When we purchase carbon offset credits through The Carbon Neutral Collective, we are preventing the release of tons of CO2e from our atmosphere.  

How does the program that Spilt Milk is participating in work?
First, Spilt Milk uses Tradewater’s carbon footprint calculator to quantify the carbon emissions that our business creates on an annual basis. The calculator takes into consideration everything from the ingredients we cook with, to the packaging supplies we use, to the companies we contract with for services, to the electricity and gas we consume, to the distance our employees commute to and from work, and more. 

After we calculate the carbon emissions Spilt Milk creates every year, we purchase Tradewater’s carbon offset credits in an amount that balances out our emissions for the year. **We will also be working to reduce our overall carbon footprint and measuring our progress on a quarterly and annual basis going forward.

The carbon offset credits that we purchase through Tradewater are developed through greenhouse gas destruction projects executed by Tradewater’s global teams. These projects find and destroy the globe’s most potent greenhouse gases, preventing them from leaking into our atmosphere.

How exactly does Tradewater reduce carbon emissions?
Tradewater generates¬†carbon¬†offset credits by collecting and destroying old refrigerants ‚Äď some of the most potent greenhouse gases ever produced.¬†

Refrigerants are gases used in equipment such as air conditioners and refrigerators to make them cold. The refrigerants Tradewater collects and destroys are up to 10,900 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Tradewater collects these gases from cylinders and cans that can be found in garages, auto shops, HVAC stores, and in stockpiles owned by governments and businesses. Tradewater also recovers refrigerants from decommissioned cooling equipment such as building chillers.

Though these harmful refrigerants are banned from production, there was no plan created to manage or destroy quantities already produced. It is estimated that existing supplies of some of the oldest refrigerants are equivalent to 9 billion tons of carbon dioxide. If these refrigerants are not located, collected, and properly destroyed, they will leak into our atmosphere. 

You can read Tradewater’s latest white paper about why these refrigerant destruction projects lead to the development of high-quality offsets. 

What does this mean for me?
Any purchases you make at Spilt Milk now connect our customers and employees to a global community of individuals and businesses working to fight climate change! When you make a purchase from a carbon neutral business like Spilt Milk, you are making a choice to spend your dollars at a business that shares your values about climate change. 

We also invite you to help spread the word about our environmental commitment to your friends and family, as well as others in the community. If you would like to learn more about Tradewater's program, or even calculate your own household's carbon footprint and/or purchase credits to offset your impact - you can do so on Tradewater's website.

If you have any questions or feedback about this initiative, please reach out to our team via email: hello@spiltmilkpastry.com

Thank you for supporting local and helping make it possible for us to build a business that takes good care of its employees, community, and now - the environment! 

Be well,
- Meg, Molly, & the Spilt Milk Crew

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