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Goose "Party Animal" Pie & Cake Topper

The best party guests come dressed to impress! Clad in a charming blue bowtie and matching cap, our new Goose "Party Animal" Topper aims to be the belle of the ball at all of your future celebrations. Brining a touch of whimsy and a ton of cuteness to all of your cakes and culinary creations, the Goose Cake Topper is a must-have for kid's parties and grown-up soirees alike. 

Playfully designed and cheerful in spirit, the Goose Cake Topper is a surefire way to put a smile on anyone's face. When the candle is lit and the warm glow illuminates the figurine's porcelain features, you'll feel transported to a warm and inviting atmosphere where birthday wishes always come true.

Each Camp Hollow cake topper features a gold luster cup that holds a standard size birthday candle.  🎈

Our line of party animals bring the spirit and beauty of nature to any cake or dessert! Camp Hollow is committed to creating heirloom quality, highly giftable made-to-last pieces that can be passed down through generations.

  • $45.00