Yogurt Parfait (Events, Per Person)

Creamy Greek Yogurt, Crunchy Milk & Honey Original Mix granola, together with our own housemade tart Spilt Milk jam, our newest bakery treat is the perfect, protein-packed start to your day! (Or afternoon pick-me-up...late night snack...any time really!)

made with love & packaged to go ❤️ 

Ingredients: Greek Yogurt, "Milk and Honey" brand Granola (Rolled Oats, Organic Honey, Non-GMO Soybean Oil, Sunflower Seeds, Organic Brown Sugar, Almonds, Dried Cherries Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut, Vanilla Extract (Water, Alcohol, Cane Sugar), Salt, Cinnamon), homemade seasonal jam (seasonal fruit, cane sugar, lemon juice, apple pectin

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