Terrevive 2020 'Stiolorosso' Rosso Frizzante, Lambrusco IGP

Origin: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Grape(s): Stiolorosso is made from three Lambrusco varietals - Ancellotta, Lambrusco Oliva, and Sorbara - from vines now over sixty years old.

About The Wine / Winemaker: 

Forget what you think you know about the overly-sweet Lambruscos that dominate the grocery store aisles ... this bottle is a true gem. Dry as a bone, lively & fizzy, very expressive & flavorful! This would be a beautiful wine to serve with your Thanksgiving or other special holiday meals. Truly special ... a must-try!

The winemaker's (Gianluca) good friend Gabriele Ronzoni owns a biodynamic farm called Casalpriore, located in Stiolo di San Martino in Reggio Emilia, situated south of Terrevive’s home commune of Modena. Given access to Gabriele’s vines, Gianluca decided to keep the production from Casalpriore separate from Terrevive, as the old vines (planted in 1960) in this zone’s alluvial soils yield a wine of less aromatic finesse but greater body and power than that of Modena.

“Stiolorosso” offers a typically expressive nose of earthy black cherries, with a trace of well-gauged volatility and a subtle salty funk, and its palate is both juicy and tense, with those cherry flavors echoing.

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