Sergio Drago 'Catarratto' 2019

OriginSicily, Italy

Grape(s): Catarratto

A radiant take on Catarratto, a grape native to Sicily. 100% Sicilian gold! Catarratto, “a never predictable or banal grape known for its aromatic charms” in the words of Sergio, yields here a delicate wine of incredible drinkability. Light to medium-bodied white with ample complexity. Baked fruit and nutty aromatics accompanied by nice soft honey tones. Much fresher on the palate, with flavors of lemon curd and basil. A hearty wine that’s nice tempered by the acidity and remains fresh.

About The Winemaker:

After the Viola brothers (Aldo and Alessandro) it is Sergio Drago that has now attracted the attention of the northwestern area of Sicily. Sergio is a new winemaker from Alcamo, having made wine for just five years but his wines burst onto the scene with a freshness from this region that we haven’t tasted before. After studying and working for various wineries in the area, Sergio set out on his own with two hectares in Alcamo. 

Alcamo is situated between Marsala and Palermo, and is the quintessential growing area for the Sicilian indigenous grape Catarratto. Sergio produces wines completely organically, while not certified, his ethos is clear. No intervention in the vineyard or the cellar.

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