Serenus Pastures Ground Beef

Pastured ground beef from Serenus Pastures in Berlin, WI. Each package of beef is 1 lb. and comes frozen.

Absolutely the most delicious ground beef you will try - makes beautiful hamburgers, meatballs, enchiladas, chili, etc. 

ABOUT SERENUS PASTURES ("Why Pastured Beef?"):

Serenus Pastures literally means “of the sky”. On their farm, they raise the best quality meat, while building up and taking good care of the natural environment.

Their motto: Happy animals, happy environment!

Serenus uses regenerative agricultural practices, with the soils becoming healthier and stronger every year.

Their animals are allowed to grow outdoors, in the open air, with premium vegetarian food - as nature intended! They are raised on a rich vegetarian diet of flaxseed, kale, radishes, clover, Timothy, rye, apples, and pumpkins in a gorgeous, South Central Wisconsin setting.

Serenus Pastures uses zero antibiotics, zero hormones, zero GMO’s, and zero chemicals. This is better for the animals, better for YOU, and better for all! 

Molly and I have both visited Serenus, met these happy hogs, and have tasted this beautiful and delicious meat…let me tell you, it is really something special and I have never seen a farm quite like this!

Spilt Milk is proud to be working with Serenus Pastures to bring their incredible, ethically raised meats to all of you! This is a wonderful opportunity to support the farm, the butcher, and your local agriculture community.

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