Pretty Cool Ice Cream Bars & Pops

Pretty Cool Ice Cream is a small handmade ice cream company in Chicago Illinois, founded by award-winning pastry chef Dana Cree, author of Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream, and celebrated hospitality hero Michael Ciapciak, founder of Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream specializes in frozen novelties, like your favorite treats from the ice cream truck, all hand-made by our talented team of skilled artisans with the best ingredients we can find. Each item is individually packaged and we work with local artists to create the art and design for each flavor for an overall look that is as diverse as our fair city.

We currently have the following flavors available at Spilt Milk:

  • Grasshopper Ice Cream Bar: Green mint cookies & cream ice cream dipped in a signature chocolate shell with crushed chocolate wafers
  • Caramel Horchata Crunch Bar: Horchata ice cream flavored with cinnamon & vnailla in a golden caramel shell, with crispy rice pearls
  • Mango Lassi Buttermilk Bar: Mango lassi sherbet style ice cream with orange blossom water & tangy buttermilk
  • Strawberry Buttermilk Bar: Strawberry sherbet style ice cream enriched with tangy buttermilk
  • $6.00
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