Martha Stoumen 2022 'Post Flirtation' Rose Blend

Origin: California, USA

Grapes: 53% Carignan, 47% Colombard

About The Wine: Martha Stoumen only makes this wine when the timing is right. 2022 brought a ripe opportunity to craft their classic Post Flirtation Rosé with a co-ferment of red and white grapes. As usual, this fruity friend doesn't fail to delight with subtlety and substance!

ENJOY WITH: Brunch foods, if you're craving them! This "fruit stand favorite" doesn't need food to fully express itself, but it won't say no to a big brunch spread, either.

DRINK WHEN: you're getting in touch with the folks who fill up your cup (literally and metaphorically). Post Flirtation Rosé is the ideal companion for juicy conversations, refreshing connections, and chasing the sunny spots around the park.

  • $30.00
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