Martha Stoumen 2021 Patatino California Nouveau

OriginCalifornia, USA

Grape Varietal: 67% Pinot noir, 33% Petite Sirah

Tasting Notes: The first taste of harvest 2021 is all savory with our moodiest nouveau to date. Wild and jubilant, Patatino takes you on a walk through a forest of cranberry and strawberry popsicles melting off of their piney sticks. The smell of Himalayan black salt floats in on the wind with whispers of wild oats. Patatino’s lightweight body, bright acidity, and slight spritz keeps you lifted from Nouveau Day (November 18th) through the New Year.

Martha's Notes: "I made the first vintage of this wine in 2019 to celebrate the birth of my son, August (aka Patatino), who is always in the present moment and wants nothing more than to play. This wine is all about being playful, and I, for one, am so ready for that in my adult life right now. So, go ahead, bring this to the first party you’ve been to in 2 years, and let loose!

The 2021 Patatino is a blend of freshly fermented, whole cluster and lightly macerated Pinot noir from Dicesare Vineyard, and whole cluster, carbonic Petite Sirah from Bricarelli Ranch. I’ve worked with Pinot noir in past lives, but this is the first time working with the grape under my own label. I decided to lean into the earthy, piney, funky side of Pinot noir, so expect something closer to Jura than Burgundy, but of course, always with a Californian swagger.

Fun fact: Patatino means little potato in Italian and is what some Italian mamas call their babes.
The label art was created by my husband, Jon Patch"
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