Maloof Wines 'L'Eau Epicée'

OriginOregon, USA

Grape(s): 50% Riesling, 50% Gewürztraminer (all organically farmed)


Sparkling wine, 11.5% ABV - unfiltered.

The grapes are from a small vineyard in Sherwood, Oregon just north of the Chehalem Mountains. Farmed organically (without certification) by Onesimo Mora - this was an all-but-forgotten vineyard that Ony and his brother revived in 2006, and have been working to nurse back to its full potential.


"We were not quite sure what to call this method of achieving bubble in 2018 when we first started the project. In our minds, it is not quite a pet nat [naturally sparkling wine], as we weren't catching an active ferment at a particular point before it was dry to bottle. Also interesting, because we didn't try to make a mini ferment with the frozen juice before putting into the main lot of wine...we basically just threw it in as natural sugar, and did it soon enough after the primary fermentation with the thought that there would still be yeast floating around hungry for sugar. We think this is most similar to an ancestral method, hence the back of the bottle stating 'Ancestral?'"

- Ross & Bee Maloof, Maloof Wines



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