Left Foot Charley 'Cinnamon Girl' Hard Apple Cider (Michigan) - 2 pack

Origin: Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan, USA

Please note - Due to Village of Oak Park liquor licensing rules & requirements, we only sell these smaller format, 500ml bottles in a 2-pack. If you would like 4, 6, or more bottles, please purchase multiple 2-packs. Thanks!

About The Cider:

This is a classic combination - apples and cinnamon. Three varieties of apples make up this cider - Northern Spy, Golden Delicious, and Ida Red. The apples are harvested from two farms on the Old Mission Peninsula and allowed to age off the tree for 4-8 weeks prior to pressing. This allows the starch in the fruit to convert into sugar making the apple sweeter and softer. The juice is fermented in stainless steel for 6 weeks. It is then removed from the yeast before all of the sugar has been consumed, leaving a balanced, natural sweetness. Whole cinnamon sticks are then added and steeped in the cider for 4-6 weeks. 

About The Maker: 

Left Foot Charley is located in the former Northern Michigan Asylum in Traverse City, Michigan.  LFC is a Michigan version of an Austrian Heuriger – a place where aromatic and flavorful wine is an everyday event. Locals and visitors alike have come to realize that the non-traditional setting pairs perfectly with the atypical fruit sourcing and old-style winemaking that defines LFC. Left Foot has a committed  focus on red and white wine varietals, hard cider, and sparkling wine.

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