Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Caramels

CC Caramels are handmade in Berkley, CA by Cassandra Chen and her hardworking team of candymakers. Each caramel is hand-crafted using simple ingredients.

Cassandra Chen began CC Made with a simple idea - a flavorful and quality caramel. As a caramel lover, she was never satisfied with the flavor of mass manufactured caramels. Through trial and error she learned that to develop the flavor she was craving she only needed a few simple ingredients: sugar, water, an open flame, patience and perfect timing. This simple but time consuming recipe is why mass manufactured caramels lack the depth of flavor that Cassandra was craving.

These delicious Himalayan pink sea salt caramels are made with just 5 ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Cream, Unsalted Butter, Tapioca Syrup, & Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

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