Green Dirt Farm Woolly Rind Cheese

Green Dirt Farm is a women owned-and-operated small farm dedicated to bringing the best 100% grass-fed lamb and farmstead sheep's milk cheeses to their community. The farm is set in the bluffs above the Missouri River Valley about 40 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri.

Woolly Rind is their version of a classic Camembert-style cheese. It has a lovely edible white bloomy rind that is sometimes mottled with flecks of tan, blue or orange as the cheese ages. Green Dirt only makes 150 of these cheeses every two weeks, ensuring each little cheese gets the attention and care it deserves. The cheese has a firm body and flavors of milk and grass when it is young. At the peak of ripeness, the cheese becomes runny at room temperature. It develops a lovely forest floor aroma and buttery, mushroomy flavors with a natural sweetness to the rind.

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