Franken Pie - Indiegogo Perk

Thank you for donating to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign! Please place your orders here for your Franken Pie perk. Please read this product description in full before placing your order. Enjoy your pie!

When checking out, please be sure to put in your first and last name and your email address - we need to be able to look up your donation information, so please make sure you use the same name and email you used when making your donation. If we have any questions or can't locate your info, we will reach out to you directly for more info.

Please note - all Franken Pies are "chef's choice" ... we are not able to customize the flavors or slices you receive in your pie.

(If you have an allergy, please reach out to us at to order outside this process. All of our pies contain flour (gluten) and dairy - we do not offer dairy-free or gluten-free items on our menu, and we will be unable to accommodate requests for dairy-free or gluten-free pies.)

Looking to get your Franken Pie for a pie for a date you don't see listed here?

We may be able to accommodate your request! Please email if you'd like to order a different date, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We are not able to fulfill Franken Pie orders on holidays.

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