Finocchiona (Uncured Fennel Pollen Sausage)

Finocchiona meaning “fennel salame” is identified closely with the region of Tuscany.

Tempesta Market is proud to present their Finocchiona as equal to any version imported from Italy, and frankly, think this is better! In fact, this salami brought Tempesta's first sofi GOLD award, proclaimed in international competition as the best crafted meat or poultry of any kind!

Like authentic salame Tuscano, Tempesta Market complements their Finocchiona with black pepper, sangiovese wine, a sprinkling of whole fennel seed, and a blast of wild fennel pollen. The addition of whole fennel seeds show beautifully and add textural dynamics to each slice, while the wild fennel pollen perfumes the senses with the aroma of sweet anise.

Pair Finocchiona with your favorite Chianti, for classic sapori Toscani, or go bigger. The bold flavors and generous mottling of fat will stand up to the biggest wines in your cellar!

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