Eggnog Caramel Sauce

CC Eggnog Caramel Sauce is handmade in Berkley, CA by Cassandra Chen and her hardworking team of candy makers. Each jar of caramel sauce is hand-crafted using simple ingredients.

This eggnog caramel sauce is delicious drizzled over ice cream, spread on a shortbread cookie, or eaten straight out of the jar!

Cassandra Chen began CC Made with a simple idea - a flavorful and quality caramel. As a caramel lover, she was never satisfied with the flavor of mass manufactured caramels. Through trial and error she learned that to develop the flavor she was craving she only needed a few simple ingredients: sugar, water, an open flame, patience and perfect timing. This simple but time consuming recipe is why mass manufactured caramels lack the depth of flavor that Cassandra was craving.

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