Dancing Crow 2021 'Old Stake 1901' Cabernet Sauvignon

OriginLake County, California (USA)

Grape(s): 76% Cabernet Sauvignon / 24% Merlot

Dancing Crow's goal is to create a sumptuous Bordeaux-style Cabernet with refined structure, yet a hint of uplifting brightness. This wine consists of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon co-fermented with 24% Merlot to develop complexity. Picking was a combination of nighttime hand and machine harvesting, to retain freshness, while utilizing a relatively cool fermentation to boost the fruit and floral traits. The addition of Big Valley AVA Merlot imparts a softening freshness to balance out the density and tannins of the Cabernet. The wine went through malolactic fermentation in French and Hungarian oak to foster integration, with a particular focus on producing a wine that expresses a lively elegance. 

On the nose, the Old Stake 1901 Cabernet highlights aromas of dark plum, raspberry and cocoa, which lead into succulent flavors of black cherry, and ripe fig, while hinting of Assam tea, cedar and savory fresh herbs, with a note of Basque saucisson on a smooth, sustained finish.

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