Current Cassis Blackcurrent Liqueur

A new, fruit-herbal liqueur hailing from the Hudson Valley. Current Cassis is the result of Rachael Petach having concocted a unique recipe utilizing the pronounced and evocative flavors of blackcurrants. Its official launch is this month, a brand new sensation to add to your array of cocktail staples.

This is a blackcurrant liqueur, yet it is rather distinct from creme de cassis. In fact, it’s made in an entirely different process involving a partial fermentation of the blackcurrants that are then blended of New York rosé wine, infusions of botanicals and a subtle addition of spirits. The result is a more buoyant and herbal drink that is in many ways more akin to a vermouth or red bitter aperitivos like Cappelletti or Aperol. Indeed it can be used in recipes like these liqueurs, perhaps try it at your next negroni or manhattan. 

A buoyant botanically infused fruit liqueur at a thoughtfully restrained 16% ABV. Made in the town of Catskill with Hudson Valley grown blackcurrants, New York wine and distillate, wild honey, and botanicals including whole green cardamom, bay leaf, citrus rind, and lemon verbena. Hand crafted and individually bottled. Fruity and bright and fantastically blended into cocktails or drank with a splash of sparkling wine, cider or water as a spritz. - Tristen Gild

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