Bordelet Sidre Brut Tendre (Normandy)

Origin: Normandy, France

Eric Bordelet's Sidre Brut Tendre is a semi-dry sparkling cider crafted in the traditional style of Normandy cider. It is thirst-quenching with a good balance of apple and floral flavors. It will drink wonderfully with most cheeses. The classic pairing is savory crêpes.

About The Maker: 

"After a long apprenticeship with some of the greatest names in the restaurant business and the world of wine, former sommelier, Eric Bordelet, took over the family business in 1992. The property consists of 23 hectares of certified organic cider apple, as well as perry and corme pear orchards.

Eric and his team are committed to organic cultivation, alongside bio-dynamic soil treatments are currently the best adapted methods in terms of the quality of fruit. Our orchards have been certified organic since 1996. 

Harvested by hand, into wire baskets and then placed into paloxs. Due to the large number of varieties, fruits are selected from September through to December according to ripeness.

To create the final balance, each variety of fruit is processed individually: it is assembled, coarsely ground, gently pressed and the juice is racked and settled.
Ancestral fermentation in vats and then bottling takes place over several weeks, even months depending on the vintage, with more or less residual natural sugars (fructose) so no need to add any sucrose."

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