Anis De Flavigny "Rose" Candies

Carefully crafted from vegan ingredients: organic, unrefined sugar & handmade natural essences. Still made within the walls of the ancient abbey, each delicate candy conceals an aniseed in its heart. Our anise seeds are carefully sourced to produce a warm, spicy flavor and a remarkably aromatic scent.

Each carefully crafted candy is created over the course of 15 days - the seeds are tumbled over one another and gradually become covered in fine successive layers of eco-certified, organic, unrefined sugar. This of patient, delicate work transforms each seed into the smooth white candy we all love.

We take pride in your flavors- each essence is created in-house and extracted from plants by steam or distillation. More than 2 tons of rose blossoms are needed to make one single liter of our famous rose essence! 

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