Al di la del Fiume 2019 Dagamo

Origin: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Grapes: 100% Barbera (biodynamic)

This Barbera comes from husband and wife couple Danila Mongardi & Gabriele Monti in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The most esteemed wine made in the winery - 100% Barbera from the oldest parcel. The grapes macerate on skins for 3 months in Milanese amphora, giving the wine depth, elegance and concentration

About The Wine & Winemaking Process: Dagamo is the most esteemed wine made in the winery. This gorgeously wild Barbera grown on the slopes of the Apennine Mountains at 150-200 meters in altitude is hand-harvested, destemmed, wild-yeast fermented then left on its skins for 3 months in Tuscan terracotta amphora after fermentation is done.

The action of long maceration and the amphora give the wine a character of great elegance, minerality and longevity. With this technique they support the evolution of grapes into wine in the most natural way possible, respecting the variety, the territory and the human hand in the cellar.

Barbera found in their land gives the possibility of remarkable concentration which, combined with the freshness of their clays and the Apennine climate, gives this wine an important potential for concentration. Bright and fresh, with that silky mouthfeel that well-done amphora wines can have.

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