Rogue Vine Pipeño Tinto

Origin: Itata, Chile

Grapes: Cinsault, País, & Carignan (field blend)

About the Wine, Winemaker, & Winemaking Process:

The Pipeño Tinto is a classic Southern Chilean field blend from the Itata region, meant to be enjoyed as a young, fresh, vibrant wine. Juicy red fruit meets a bit of earth and smoke. The grapes come from a small, coastal vineyard that was planted in the early 1800's. Grapes are organically farmed by hand and horse, and fermented naturally in concrete globes. Serve chilled!

“Revolutionary wines point towards wine diversity. We want to make a different wine style. Wines with a strong sense of origin. Honest and authentic wines. Wines that reflects the uniqueness of the Itata Hills: freshness, natural acidity and low alcohol levels.”

The Rogue Vine is a project created by Amigos in Itata! Their team is made up of two people - Leonardo Erazo Lynch and Justin Decker. Both had the wish of making different wines - wines with character! To achieve this, they had to find different vineyards, different Terroirs, and to make them in a different way. There was no other option.

The forgotten old bush vines almost falling out of steep granitic hills in Itata were the perfect scenery to start this project. 

In Itata, the true spirit of the “Vigneron” (“The Winemaker”) exists. Leo & Justin would really like you to meet the people that have decided to keep these vineyard despite all the adverse conditions, for only one reason: because they love what they do.

Somehow this short history overview introduction has led the Itata Hills that have been around since their inception some 500 years ago to the viticulture we still find today. A viticulture that uses minimal intervention, where the vines are allow to live their lives to find their balance with their environment. Itata is a place in Chile where the spirit of the true Vigneron exists. ​

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