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Little Trouble 2022 Champi Vineyard Chardonnay

Origin: Redwood Valley, Mendecino, CA, USA

Grape(s): 100% Chardonnay

Little Trouble is a wine label started by friends Jen Reichardt & Sara Morgenstern in 2020. In their own words: "Our goal is to make wines that highlight the fantastic vineyards we are privileged to work with. We won’t call ourselves “natural”, but we source solely organic fruit and do as little as possible to intervene in the winery. You can call that what you like. At the end of the day we’re two best pals who are thrilled to share our labor of love and sweat and roadside sandwiches with you."

Sounds good to me!

This very special bottle of chardonnay is made with grapes grown at Champi Vineyard, nestled in a little pocket of Redwood Valley in Mendocino. Farmed by Mitch Champi and Mitch alone, this well-kept secret spot is perfect for the bright, generous style of Chardonnay we love to drink. If you’ve never heard of Redwood Valley, google “redvine soil” to learn why it’s so special. It’s an orchard full of crunchy summer pears and just a hint of sweet spring flowers.

  • $30.00