Casa Balaguer 2021 'Tragolargo' Orange Wine

Origin: Valencia, Spain
Grape varieties: 70% Moscatel de Alexandria / 30% Malvasia

About the Wine, Winemaker, & Winemaking Process


OK, hear me out here, guys ... 

First of all, this is a SUPER fun label. I told Molly, "If I were a bird, this is the bird I'd be!". A super distinguished, fun looking grandma-swan 🦢

More importantly is what's in the bottle. This zippy, delightful wine will truly surprise you! It is unfiltered, so expect a cloudy, orangey-peach colored wine. When you pour it in your glass and bring to your nose, it smells floral and fruity ... at first, I was afraid this would be overpoweringly sweet. Take a sip and be surprised by a dry, zesty, fun summer wine!

I can't wait to enjoy this on the beach, while watching the sunset and snacking on some salty/spicy/sweet crunchy snacks. This is a natural wine you won't want to miss this summer!

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