Domaine Blard et Fils 2018 Pierre Emile Pinot Noir

Origin: Savoie, France

100% Pinot Noir

An elegant Pinot Noir for the holidays from Savoie, France. Thomas Blard’s grandfather was the first to bring the Pinot Noir grape to Savoie. Wink Lorch, author of Wines of the French Alps, has said, “This Pinot Noir has for several years been one of the best Savoie examples: aged in old oak, the juicy fruit combines with slight smoky spiciness.”

About The Vineyard / Winemaker: Pierre-Emile comes from the name of Thomas’ grandfather. He indeed planted this parcel of Pinot Noir. He is actually one of the first to bring the Burgundian grape to Savoie and they are one of the few producers aging Pinot Noir in neutral oak. The result is a very joyful Pinot that can age well but still showcases the fruit, with limited extraction. 

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