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Amplify Wines 'Mixtape' Red Blend

OriginSanta Barbara County, California, USA

Grape(s): 35% Merlot, 29% Grenache Blanc, 18% Refosco, 15% Sangiovese, and 3% Tempranillo (all organically farmed)

"Viewing a great mixtape as a series of disparate songs coming together to form a cohesive whole, we approached our Mixtape wine from this perspective, combining grapes both red and white, from different sites, fermented and approached in slightly varying styles. The resultant wine is a cohesive, moving whole, a light, succulent red wine that possesses the freshness and brightness of a white wine, the buoyancy and joyfulness of a rosé, and the savory aromatics and textural presence of a red wine.

- Cameron and Marlen Porter, Amplify Wine 

A little bit about the winemakers:

Cameron and Marlen Porter are a husband and wife team born and raised in Santa Barbara County.  The exploration, and elevation, of their growing region has been their life's work.  The two first bonded over a shared love for wine and music, and Amplify is a natural extension of this marriage between our two greatest passions.  As winemakers, the pair seek to amplify the voice of site and enhance the most singular characteristics of a given vineyard, marrying a sense of place with a sense of style.  They believe in: native yeast fermentations; neutral vessels for fermentation and aging; no additions of any kind except for minimum effective sulfur dioxide; and farming that seeks to establish a healthy ecosystem, enhancing and supporting the natural characteristics of a given place.  "We embrace the happy accident, letting intuition guide our hand, with our creative spirit and palates as our primary tools."


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