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You may also place a catering order our shop in Oak Park at (708) 613-4403. We require a minimum of 72 hours notice for all special orders, and we are closed on Mondays.

Spilt Milk Breakfast Catering

All breakfast trays are available in Small (serves 10),
Medium (serves 20), or Large (serves 30) sizes.

Don’t forget the coffee! Our coffee carafes “to go” serve 10-12 and come with cream, sugar, stir sticks, paper coffee cups, and lids upon request $38

Breakfast at Spilt Milk

Assortment of freshly baked,
homemade scones, muffins,
biscuits, and banana bread
or almond tea cake
$50 | $95 | $130

Breakfast at Spilt Milk

Just Biscuits

Mini versions of our
world-famous, homemade
buttermilk biscuits!
Served with whipped
European-style butter,
locally-made Rare Bird Preserves,
and Michigan wildflower honey.
$40 | $75 | $105

Homemade Coffee Cake

Homemade, all-butter coffee cake. Choose from Cinnamon & Sugar or Citrus. Our coffee cakes serve 12.
Can be pre-sliced and plated for an
additional $5 per cake



We make our quiches in a hand-rolled, all-butter pastry crust, and fill with fresh eggs, cream, and delicious savory ingredients of your choice!

Our full-sized quiche yield 6 slices each.


Vegetarian Quiche Options


Caprese Quiche

Tomato, Basil, and Whole-Milk Mozzarella cheese

Garden Quiche

Mushrooms, Spinach, Bell Pepper, Tomato, and Sharp Cheddar Cheese

$36 per quiche

Meat Quiche Options


Quiche Lorraine

Emmentaler cheese, Pancetta, and Sweet Onions

South of the Border

Carnivore Chorizo, Queso Fresco, Green Peppers

$37.50 per quiche

“Quiche of the Day”

Leave the decisions up to the chef! We get deliveries from our partner farms several times per week, and bake fresh quiche each morning using the ingredients we receive from the farms. If you aren’t sure what you want, just ask for “Quiche of the Day” and enjoy!

$37.50 with meat, $36 vegetarian

Dessert & Pastry Trays from Spilt Milk
Cookie Trays from Spilt Milk

Cookie Trays

Cookie trays available in Small (20 pieces),
Medium (46 pieces), or Large (70 pieces).

"Chocolate Lover Cookie Tray"
Assortment of Mexican Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Rainbow M&M Cookies

"Spilt Milk Classics"
Includes Brown Butter Sugar, Mexican Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

"Kiddos Favorites"
Includes Rainbow Sprinkle & Rainbow M&M cookies

"Brownie Tray"
A heaping tray of our classic, fudgy brownies!

“The Kitchen Sink”
A little bit of everything! All our favorite cookies, plus
brownies and seasonal fruit bars

$45 | $85 | $125


Pie flavors vary by season. Not all of our pie flavors can be made in all sizes. Please use the form at the top of this page to contact our catering manager if you’re interested in a flavor you don’t see listed here! We have lots of pie recipes and probably can make what you’re looking for!

Our 9” pies serve 6-8. We require at least 72 hours advance notice for most pie orders. Many of our flavors require more lead time so that we can source ingredients and bake your pie!

  • Chocolate or Peanut Butter Chess

  • Salted Honey

  • Bourbon Maple Pecan (with or without dark chocolate!)

  • Ginger Custard

  • Peanut Butter Mousse

  • Pina Colada Cheesecake

  • Raspberry Lemonade

  • Orange Chiffon

  • Key Lime

  • Chocolate Cream

  • Horchata Custard

  • Heirloom Apple

  • Tart Cherry

  • Seasonal Fruit Pies (we bake with the seasons — contact us to hear what’s on deck right now!)

  • Banana Cream

  • Coconut Custard

  • Coconut Cream

  • Pumpkin Pecan Praline

  • Caramel Apple Cider

Spilt Milk Pies

You may also place a catering order by calling our catering office at (708) 669-8881. We require a minimum of 72 hours advance notice for all catering orders, and we are closed on Mondays.