Pi Day 2019 - Pre Orders

Pi Day 2019 - Pre Orders

from 12.00

We are sold out of pre-orders for Pi Day 2019! Stop in on Thursday, 3/14 and we will be making as many extra pies as possible for y’all to pick up on a first-come, first-served basis.


Happy Pi Day!!

Pre-Order your pies here for pickup on Thursday, 3/14/2019! Our menu this year includes …

  • Chocolate Cream (6” mini OR 9” size)

  • Key Lime (6” mini OR 9” size)

  • Horchata Custard

  • Peanut Butter Mousse with Chocolate Ganache

  • Heirloom Apple

  • Chocolate Chess

  • Coconut Cream

Sorry, mini sizes are ONLY available for the chocolate cream and key lime flavors for Pi Day! If you try to select a mini size of a different flavor, the website will NOT allow you to add it to your cart.

After you add your items to your cart, scroll to the top of the website and click the shopping . cart icon to check out online.

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All orders placed on the website for Pi Day (3/14/2019) MUST be picked up on Thursday, 3/14/2019. We are unable to save, store, freeze, ship, or deliver your pies if you forget to pick them up! Because we make your pie for you if you pre-order it, if you don’t end up picking it up we are NOT able to refund your order … we spent time and ingredients making your pie just for you! Don’t forget your pie!! Thank you for your understanding of this refund policy <3

Happy Pi Day!!